Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner Training Course


Enroll in our upcoming Rebirthing Breathwork Australia accredited practitioner training course, hosted in Melbourne Victoria.

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Our courses are accredited through Yoga Alliance Australia.

Place your deposit for the upcoming course. Total fee is 2400 AUD and due upon commencement of the course. Payment plans available. After your deposit of 500 AUD is completed, we will contact you to arrange payment for the remaining sum. You can pay the remaining sum of 1900 AUD by selecting the 1900 AUD Remaining Balance option on this product page. You can alternatively pay the entire 2400 AUD due fee by selecting 2400 AUD Full Fee.

Next intake August 2022. Course starts August 2022.

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With Jem Stone, Aimee Bracks and Guest Presenter Jahn Hooks (USA).

Next Course Starts August 2022.

Full price $2400.

In person course in Melbourne.

12 months of mentoring to help and support you fulfil your requirements and gain the confidence for your potential new career.

Thank you so much for your interest into our life changing Rebirthing Breathwork 12 week course.

Due to limited spaces for this course we require a $500 deposit to secure your place.

This course will now be run as a 12 week course the extra time will help you fulfil your extra requirements required for accreditation.

The course will run 100% online with the exception of an intensive for two days so we can assist with your experience on being breathed and breathing your client.

This is a life changing course not only because of the amazing new career you can start but the deep healing that will occur through this immersion of old belief patterns that hold us back on life.

These sessions are all compulsory.

The other components of your training for certification requirements will consist of interaction within the online community group, including:

  • Weekly community class that you and your classmates will rotate between breathing and facilitating.
  • Monday night online community study group with the wider RBA community, facilitated by Jem.
  • Opportunity to breathe or assist in person class in Brunswick Thursday and Sunday for Melbourne students.
  • One on one breathing weekly with your group partner.

One of the greatest aspects of this course is we set you up with an online Rebirthing Breathwork Community that gives you eternal support within the rebirthing Breathwork community.

The additional requirements to fulfil within the 12 weeks to become accredited are:

Once graduated we can assist with the start of a new career through our Rebirthing Breathwork Membership that costs only $400 per year to become a practitioner on our website.

Our courses are accredited through Yoga Alliance Australia.

Course Requirements

To receive your certificate:

  1. Journal 10 breathes on a person of your choice and submit by email 10 hrs non-contact.
  2. Journal and submit by email forgiveness diet.
  3. Attend at least 5 group breathes and assist 9hrs non-contact.
  4. Attend the entire course and all lectures.
  5. Be an active member in the online community and attend and facilitate community breathes and study group sessions.
  6. Demonstrate you have a professional compassionate and confident manner to represent our school.
  7. Demonstrate respect for lecturers and other students in the course.
  8. Demonstrate you can keep your breaths connected for a session.
  9. Receive and document 10 breathes from a fellow student.
  10. Receive minimum 3 breathes from a professional Rebirther and document.
  11. Breathe with Aimee or Jem.
  12. Authenticity to the lineage.
  13. Daily spiritual practices.

International Accreditation

Do I have to be a yoga teacher for my course to be accredited?

No you don’t however if you are you can use the 30 cpe points to go towards your hours.

If your not a yoga teacher you may wish to join Yoga Alliance as a member so your points can be recorded and go towards future trainings.

You don’t have to register with Yoga Alliance you will still be able to get public liability insurance through doing our accredited course.

Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner Certificate

The breathing mechanism is essential to life and a happy life. This is a profound lightening path form of healing once the breaths connect we dissolve subconscious patterning from the body. We remove physical illness and injury and we literally instantly experience a cellular rebirth. This training is available for anyone whether you intend to be a practitioner or not this course will allow deep processing of any limitations or blockages within your body mind and life – Learn how to activate your light body – Study the ancient techniques of restoring your breathing mechanism – learn how to breathe others – Learn how to process others through the method of mirroring and holding space – Learn the scientific science of the magnetic fields of the universe and learn how to activate that same field of energy through your breath.


Deposit $500
Total fee $2400
Full Payment due on commencement
Payment Plan Available
To secure your place please, please order our Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner Training Course product or call
Aimee on 0432293294 or Jem on 0404476915

Option 1

This Course will be delivered in person in Melbourne.
Online: 1 x 3 hr lecture online once per week for 6 weeks and prerecorded lectures.
6 weeks additional ongoing mentorship

Option 2

Online Course (Option 1) plus Breath Retreat which is a wonderful opportunity to meet some of your course requirements (below)

Lecture Schedule Sample

What is Rebirthing
Unconsciousness in Rebirthing
Training agreement
The ten big traumas
Rebirthing tracking sheet
Documenting your sessions
How to process a client
Rebirthing interview question air
Rebirthing children
Processing traps
Personal lie
Rebirthing methods techniques
Rebirthing archetypes
Increasing clients
Forgiveness diet
Discovering life purpose
What to expect during a breathe

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions PAYMENT POLICY Upon acceptance, a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your space in the training until the ‘paid in full’ due date. Please note: See Refund policies below and please be sure your schedule truly allows you to attend the intensive dates and that this is the right time for you in your life for a program of this kind. Full payment is due a minimum of 7 days prior to training start date and participants agree to pay any outstanding balance no later than this date. Unless a payment plan at additional rates has been discussed. REFUND POLICY If a student withdraws or transfers from the course, the following refund policy applies: If the student withdraws 21 days or more prior to course commencement the student will receive a full refund of all monies paid, minus the nonrefundable deposit of $500. If the student withdraws 15 days prior to the course commencement the student will receive 75% of the full course fee, minus the nonrefundable deposit of $500. If the student withdraws 4 days prior to course commencement the student will receive 50% of the full course fee, minus the nonrefundable deposit of $500. If the student withdraws 1-4 days prior to course commencement or withdraws after the course commences, the full course fee or any monies paid, is non-refundable. Bank fees incurred by transferring money are the sole responsibility of the enrolling student. WITHDRAWAL POLICY A student choosing to withdraw from a training program after training start date must provide written notice to the Summer Healing Yoga . Notice must be signed and dated by the student. If a student is unable to complete the required training hours due to a medical emergency, prolonged illness, death in the family or other extenuating circumstance to be determined by the Director of Training, that student may be granted an exception to complete incomplete classes and sessions in a future training without additional tuition, within 2 years or 1 year for breathwork
A student will be determined to be withdrawn from the teacher training if the student has not attended all consecutive lectures. ATTENDANCE POLICY Certification will not be issued until all program requirements are met. required attendance. Summer Healing Yoga reserves the right to pass or decline a student to graduate based on their performance manner and attendance.

Disrespect to fellow attendees or lecturers may result in the student forfeiting their course investment and losing their ability to be certified.

RE-ASSESSMENT POLICY If student is not found competent upon final assessment, a fee of $100-$120 hour will apply for a practical re-assessment.  Re-assessments must be completed within 6 months of last day of training attended. MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND RISKS Each Student must complete and submit a Student Agreement Form and Confidential Medical Disclosure Form  (this will be sent via email) after your application has been approved. Training enrolment will not be completed until both forms are signed and completed by student.

Additional information

Payment Amount

500 AUD (Deposit), 1900 AUD (Remaining Balance After Deposit), 2400 AUD (Full Fee)